About Us

Welcome to Clemsons Vintage, your go-to destination for handpicked, timeless fashion finds that don't cost the earth. We're not just a shop; we're a community passionate about style, sustainability, and stories woven into every fabric.


Our Story

In 2019, our journey began in the heart of Suffolk, born out of a love for fashion and a concern for our planet. I started Clemsons Vintage from a small corner in Suffolk, fuelled by the belief that every clothing item deserves a second chance and every style lover deserves to feel unique without contributing to today's fast-fashion dilemma. I originally started selling on Depop and I'm now starting to explore selling via my own site. 

Our Mission

Here at Clemsons Vintage, our mission is simple: to bring you one-of-a-kind pieces that add flair to your wardrobe while honouring our commitment to the environment and our community. We strive to disrupt the fast-fashion industry by providing a sustainable alternative, curating every item in our collection with love and responsibility.

What We Do

Every piece at Clemsons Vintage goes through a careful selection process and is hand picked. Our treasures are sourced from various places including donations, estate sales, and fashion enthusiasts who believe in our cause, ensuring a mix of vintage classics, contemporary brands, and eclectic surprises. Quality and uniqueness are our mantras, and we often restore items to their former glory with minor repairs and cleaning.

Why Second Hand?

Second-hand shopping revolutionizes the way we think about clothing. It's not only an antidote to the mass-produced trends but also an impactful way to reduce our carbon footprint. By choosing pre-loved items, you're helping to lessen the demand for new manufacturing, subsequently decreasing water usage, textile waste, and greenhouse emissions. But the impact isn't just environmental; it's personal. Our customers find pieces that speak to their individuality without the guilt that comes with traditional shopping.

Invitation to Connect

We're more than a shop - we're a family. And we'd love for you to be a part of our sustainable fashion movement. Drop a message at hello@clemsonsvintage, or join the conversation on our social media platforms. Your next unforgettable fashion find is just a click away!

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Every item you purchase, every visit you make, every story you share contributes to a larger global movement of responsible consumption. Together, we're crafting a style that's not just chic, but also kind to our planet. Here's to making more sustainable choices, one fashionable outfit at a time!

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    Great seller shirt arrived as described

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    Really happy with my North Face gilet from @clemsons - lovely pink colour, looks gorgeous on, and in great condition. Exactly as pictured. Postage was really quick too. Thank you very much!